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Who is this person? | Tokyo Ghoul

Anime Gakuen Throwback post. Thank you to its original contributors. Imouto, Touma, Dean, Onoya.

Who is this person??????????

So serious no matter what angle

Okay so who is this person? Why I call her the "Mother Figure"?

Her name is Akira Mado, female, single, only daughter of the guy with a twitchy eye, Kureo Mado.

Just like her father, she is a quinque maniac and that's kinda a funny interest to inherit. For a female xD

So she's also very serious, very organized, very composed, very detailed and to summarize all her "very, very" she's very annoying

Even Amon Kotaro thought so.

Sure they didn't get along but that's before he got to know her better. She has a funny side that I will share at the end of this blog.

So next, the sad background of this character is that both her parents... SPOILER... are killed by ghouls T_T waaah!

I don't know if it's depicted in the manga but so far I didn't see any signs of hatred or grudge towards ghouls or I just missed it?

She has a somehow similar case to Hinami Fueguchi but the case here is Hinami's mother was the only one killed by humans-- specifically her father

I'm looking forward for Hinami confronting Akira actually xD

Akira also fights good for a woman. I mean I don't see much female investigators who are top class and badass but female ghouls? I can name lots!

I dislike the part though that she's with Amon because somehow she grows weak

Yeah, yeah people ship them. I don't care. I ship them too but if I were to write a fanfic about them, I will not cause Akira to weaken because of him

Okay I get it enough with gifs about them.

Next the rumors I've been hearing about Akira being in charge of Sasaki Haise. I have no accurate infomation but I heard she's being a mother figure to him.

That's great and it piqued my interest so I started searching for Akira and Sasaki fanfics where I discovered "A Mother's Responsibility" I think Simca sensei recommended it as well. It's about Akira being a mother to Sasaki and Juuzou.

It's hilarious because somehow even if they are OOC (at times), at other times you won't notice it at all. The story is good and interesting and the plot progresses as the characters develop.

I'd also look forward to Akira being a mother to Hinami next xD


Okay that would be all thank you for reading.






Oh right I'm supposed to tell you the hilarious part. Okay everyone already knows this but I love the part where we all discovered she has low tolerance on alcohol.

It's nothing new to discover such characters with low tolerance on alcohol but it's just hilarious how well it fits the character, giving them a side we don't expect to see xD

Sorry Akira but I gotta show them

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