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8 Reasons I recommend Hitsugi no Chaika

Disclaimer: All images are from the anime. We do not own any of it.

Now let's talk about HITSUGI NO CHAIKA!

I present to you 8 reasons you should watch this anime. It has 2 seasons but you won't even feel there's 2 seasons, especially if you binge-watch this series.

What is Hitsugi no Chaika?

It is originally a Japanese LN (Light Novel) written by Ichirou Sakaki. As a fan of anime, we are all familiar that anime is an 'animated version' of what is originally written or is a printed manga. Light novels and mangas are a thing! Sometimes fans read the original version to compare it to the anime.

In this case, Hitsugi no Chaika (or Chaika: The Coffin Princess) is an animated version of its light novel of the same name. It was also adapted as a manga series (to which I read and was cliffhang-ed to be honest).


The story centers on Toru Acura, an unemployed Saboteur and his sister Akari. They are hired by our title-named protagonist, Chaika Tabrant who is a white-haired Wizard and is carrying a coffin strapped on her back.

Let's get started!

Please note that I might mention names or powers but will try to be as general as possible to refrain SPOILERS.

Countdown starts with...

8. Lots of Chaikas

If you know Chaika Tabrant and you enjoy seeing her on screen. Imagine if there's actually over one Chaika. She is cute and adorable, she has a unique way of speaking, always fragmented yet so wholesome.

Good news! There is over one Chaika. And one of the main ones we'll meet is 'Sticky'.

Chaika Bohgdan (well, I know her better as Sticky) is very much a duplicate of our original Chaika (Tabrant). Cute, adorable, thick eyebrows, she is a bit feisty and a little different in personality but is still a duplicate of our Chaika. She is called 'Sticky' because Akari nicknamed her as Sticky at some point in the series.

7. I am Steel

So of course in an anime, there are always fighting scenes, especially in an action or adventure genre. Here, the main characters have this ability that helps them in their battles. The brother-sister duo has a really interesting ability. It's cool and unique really.

It is called 'Iron Blood Transformation'. They both earn marks, their eyes glow red and their hair color also turns red. I find it awesome to have abilities that is not the usual four elements or overpowered powers. It does not get old whenever they cite their usual monologue when they transform.

6. Akari's going to stuff her brother

Akari Acura is one of the main characters in the series. She's Toru's brother and she has this obsession to stuff her brother's body when he dies. She usually mentions this throughout the series, whether in a chilling moment or mid-battle. Toru is then hoping that his death will be an explosion so that his sister will not be able to stuff him. Well, anything that ruins his body would be okay for him, actually.

There is always this weird, odd or unique fetish that makes these characters stand-out from the usual character group in a series. And by far, I have never seen another character with this desire.

Also Akari is easily affected when Toru is looking at women. Like when they first met Dominica (who by the way is another wonderful character).

5. Toru Acura

Of course, who wouldn't love to see more of Toru? He's cool, he's a good fighter, he's smart.. he's got it all. Although he was a rather lazy guy in the first episode. Because he is a Saboteur, and an era of peace has come, he was basically useless since he is the type of person to participate in wars. He lost his purpose.

But he's also determined as the season progresses. Chaika brought him purpose again, which is why our main character is attached to her. Much like Tatsumi is to Akame I supose. He is your average Tatsumi (Akami Ga Kill) character really. They are similar in a way with regards to their personalities.

4. Chaika's Coffin and her magic

Chaika carrying a coffin around wherever she goes brings comedy (for me at least).

Certain episodes would prove that. Like one scene she's traveling around with it and people looking at her. She even asked why everyone's looking at 'them' but Toru clarified they're looking at 'her'. The coffin with her. Of course it's odd to travel around with a coffin. Let alone a coffin full of pieces of a human's anatomy. There is more to it that my words cannot describe.

Also, Chaika's 'magic' is hilarious!

The Boiler and all that stuff. Trust me, it lightens the mood and it's awesome.

3. Awesome Siblings

I know Toru and Akari are mentioned already, but that's them mentioned individually. This is them as a sibling.

Siblings sure are hilarious. Not only when they exchange playful banters but also when they fight against bad guys. They're in sync. It's like they can read each other's minds.

This is the time when they were 'torturing' Sticky, trying to get her to talk and this scene is entirely wholesome. It's these very light moments that I love watching the most. Not much of an action fan, just these simple interactions is what convinces me to like a character because you get to know them more than their battle face.

I love the tandem of Toru and Akari, even if Akari is a bit off with the whole stuffing thing, but still love the duo.

2. Chaika's Eyebrows...


Number 2 is Chaika Tabrant

Chaika and her adorable eyebrows!

Chaika has an odd way of talking and that catches attention. But other than that everything she says and so is purely cute and innocent. WHOLESOME.

It's this usual trope where someone's first language is not English and is misinterpreting, misunderstanding or mispronouncing English words and we find it funny. This is similar but in this case, Chaika just happens to speak fragmented phrases. I don't want to spoil, so let's keep end it here.

And lastly.. the very reason you should watch this series is because...

1. FEDERIKA, the Dragoon

You wouldn't want to miss episodes where she's around (yes you don't want to miss it, because she is not in every episodes). I gotta admit she pops here and there and sometimes disappears. But when she shows up, it's about time!

She's bloodthirsty and loves to fight. She can shapeshift, too. When Toru and the others first met her she took the form of her old master, Dominica.

One of her outstanding moments is when Toru was trapped in an illusion and Akari hits her own brother. Chaika and Akari have their reasons for hitting him but Federika's reason was because she just wanted to. It does sound bland written in words, but it's funnier once watched.

Federika is really the best character for me in this series. She is the reason why I watched the series twice and I am always out for little details.

If you've watched the series before, what are your thoughts about it?

If you haven't but watched it because you believed in my recommendation, share me your thoughts and comment here!

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S.D. Beck
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