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15 Reasons I recommend Danganronpa the Animation

Now let's talk about Danganronpa: The Animation. If you guys are familiar with this, it's originally a game and it's a really good game. I'm currently playing it but the thrill is gone since I've spoiled myself when I watched the anime first. Yes it's "Animation" because it's originally a game.

Anyway let's start! I give you 15 reasons why you should watch it. My reasons are simple and I hope you enjoy.

15. Hope Peak's Academy

School crest. The school crest. IS. Cool.

So without this school we wouldn't enjoy their location. I mean this school is like a whole new world... small new world. They have a pool, library, a court room, kitchen filled with food supplies.. it's all there! I can't imagine how big the school is to have everything that they need. They're given everything they need to basically live there. What else can they ask for?

They also have rules to follow and that gives order and balance. Although that won't make sense because the rules implement killing each other in order to graduate.

Moving on.

14. Ultimate Clairvoyant

This guy here is the source of some of the comedy around the show. He's got a funny, cool and charming character.

13. Chihiro Fujisaki

At first I was confused if she was a girl or a guy. But anyway Chihiro is there because this awesome student just created this A.I. that would help Naegi and the rest of them in the future.

Although Chihiro's past and goal isn't bad, I won't talk about it. It's better if you guys find out.

12. Crazy Characters

We've also got crazy characters in the show! Or game. Or both. When I say crazy, I'm talking about the students like Celes, Touko, Junko and even Monokuma.

Everyone's got their own degree of crazy in the show because everyone's got their own personality that defines them. Like Touko's inferiority at times and when she changes into her other personality, Genocider Syo, the chaos begins. Or Junko who is an Ultimate Fashionista but she seems to be the craziest of them all. Like I said, they have their own levels of craziness and that's what makes this anime really good. Crazy is better!

11. Unique Blood Effects

We all know the color of blood is red right? But here the blood has a different color. Like maybe pink, magenta or purple, I don't know for what reason but unique always catches our attention and it sometimes leave a mark. Like every time we see pink blood (if ever) we remember, oh hey it's just like Danganronpa. Or something like that.

ALL of the Death scenes counted ^_^

10. Friendship

Despite being strangers to each other (or so they think), they show strong relationship towards their friends. Like Sakura and Hina. Naegi and Sayaka (even if Sayaka tried to _______ Naegi.) Or even Taka and Owada.

Everyone's got their own bond with each other and that's just touching. Anime is known for their friendship vibes and sometimes it's just you know, #goals to actually achieve that kind of friendship. Even with the blood and gore in this anime, there is friendship worth treasuring.

9. Investigation and Evidence

When I first watched this I always find the animation quite different from other anime that I've watched. And even the ideas of zooming in on evidences and the bullets firing at trial. But now that I've played it I understand it's all part of it. It's all part of its original concept.

I find it cool and awesome that it makes us feel like we're playing it and also it emphasizes the evidences and make us feel like we're investigating with them. Part of the fun. If you love Phoenix Wright, then you will love this as well. This is a great anime and game at the same time, the investigating moments are awesome!

8. Punishment

So every time a guilty student is punished, the animation changes and we are given a show to watch where each guilty character receives a terrible kind of death. Like brutally terrible and if it were not censored or cartoonized that would be terrifying to keep watching.

During these punishment times, we watch them get punished and we end up with our mouths agape as the punishment ends. Not literally but there are punishments that I can't stomach to watch for the second time. That makes this anime really good.

7. Thrill

They give us the thrill and the feels. With the countdown going on every time a student dies and everyone panicking and reacting every time an event happens, it's all part of the atmosphere being created for the thrill to take place.

Like when Sayaka and Naegi are building up this long lost friendship-kinda thing and that's good for Naegi but then Sayaka showed signs that she's scared-and-all and Naegi decided to protect her. But later we find out that Sayaka has a _______ motive. T_T then things go down from there, then again, that is what makes this anime awesome! Like Liar Game in a different level.

That's just one of them. There's more like how Owada and Taka's friendship started and ended or even Junko's revelation that she has something to do with all the d______ happening to them.

6. The Trial

Ah, the trial. It's the most crucial part for them all. They throw in everything they've got from their investigation and I tell you, their dialogue is very important here.

The truth bullets are there, Naegi 'fires' them and everything in the court room has tension in it. Trust me, this is a good scene. It's like watching a courtroom and convicting the guilty and establishing justice. I love the trial scenes, it's always so intense!

5. The Twist with the Twins

There are class trials within the anime. And those class trials is when they convict the guilty person. Now the thing is, we all know that in class trials they should all be present. So there are seats prepared for them. There's an extra seat that indicates there's sixteen seats prepared for the class BUT there's only fifteen students present. Well someone's twin has something to do with that. And it's all part of the friggin' plot twist that helps the storyline flow.

I won't elaborate much on that for spoiler reasons.

Anyway this Ultimate Fashionista is a real creep if you ask me. But her involvement in the plot is real big so take note of it.

4. Bookworm

This amazing girl with the D.I.D. is Touko Fukawa. She stutters most of the time, has a crush on ________, writes romance fictions and has low self-esteem. But beyond all that she's one of the Ultimates. Which means she's a student that's beyond ordinary students.

She might not have a major role like Kirigiri or Naegi but she has a part in the plot. And as the story goes, I slowly began to like her too and kind of hoped she had more screen-time.

Meeting her other half, Genocider Syo, is a whole new story. Fainting and sneezing are signs of the switch. And if you loved Touko before meeting her other half, then you're surely to enjoy Genocider Syo once she's introduced.

I also won't elaborate much although I think I said enough.

3. The Ultimate _________

As one of the geniuses around and the person on Naegi's side in times of need, Kirigiri Kyoko is very calm and composed. Also she's known as Ultimate ??? At first. It will later be revealed what kind of Ultimate she is.

Oh yeah I keep mentioning about Ultimates but you guys might not know about it. This is based on my own understanding. A student that's top from others is branded as Ultimate 'Something' depending what skill they have and Hope Peak's Academy recruits those Ultimates.

Going back to Kirigiri, without her around no one is going to help the idiots solve the mystery xD. Although Naegi himself is a genius, he needs help.

2. The Lucky One

The student they call lucky but as Monokuma said he might not be lucky at all. Because he has a broken bathroom door, or well, not fixed. He was framed and suspected. By someone close to him. So yeah, not as lucky as he is branded as.

Anyway this guy is the main protagonist and we all love this guy right? Without him we would feel like the show lacks something. A guy like him.

And lastly,

1. Monokuma

Our lovable and adorable bear. I don't know how much I have to say but this bear hosts the school, the trial and the one that implements and encourages the students to kill each other in order to graduate.

Well if you're curious then go ahead and enjoy this series!

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