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27 Reasons I recommend Bleach

Disclaimer: All images are from the anime. We do not own any of it.

Presenting to you BLEACH!

I have 27 reasons to recommend this anime and I hope you enjoy.

What is BLEACH?

I am not talking about chemical solution. I am talking about the anime where the fifteen-year old Ichigo Kurosaki's life changes after meeting Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper who got injured and had no choice but to turn Ichigo into a soul reaper to defeat the Hollow who appeared.

This is an anime based on Tite Kubo's manga.

There is more to it than this very introduction. And I have to say, Bleach is probably one of the anime who has so many characters. There is no way that you won't love at least one or two characters from here.

Please note that I might mention names or scenes or powers but will try to be as general as possible to refrain SPOILERS.

Countdown starts with...

27. Inoue Orihime's "Stupidity" and Cooking

So in a way this sounds insulting but I'm not insulting dear Inoue. I'm applauding her "special thinking". In episodes in the past (like from Rukia's Execution Arc), Inoue showed to have a different thinking from the others and Ishida even got worried that ever since he started hanging out with her (also in Execution Arc) that she's rubbing off on him. She's simple-minded at times but also she's a genius. Like when she had the idea of using Shinigami clothes to blend in Soul Society.

Who wouldn't love her cooking as well? No one else seems to like it but her and Rangiku. She's a hilarious character and without her awesome charms and jokes, the anime could be pretty serious.

26. Urahara Kisuke's Hat and Shop

This guy has his own spotlight. He can say an insincere apology and can be forgiven. A lot of things are going on in his shop that causes the fun parts in the anime. Like Kon. Or when he had an underground basement under his shop. Or the other modified souls like Ririn, Nova and Cloud. Or having Jinta and Ururu around. Or when they bully Renji when he's a freeloader at his place and many more.

This guy can be serious at times but for the most time I saw him, I find his funny side more active.

25. Hollows

Without the Hollows there would be no action and that would be boring. Although it's okay not having Hollows all the time lol.

24. Rukia's Drawings

At certain points in the anime, Rukia would always draw illustrations when she's explaining stuff to Ichigo. I know she only wants to help but no offense it's not helping Ichigo at all and that is what makes it funny. She draws well but not expertly good. More on, funny doodle good.

There's a time she drew in an omake and will pass it as report about what's been happening to Ichigo and most certainly you can guess how Ichigo reacted to it.

23. Quincy or Uryu Ishida

The Quincy is all about Uryu Ishida. Although there are other Quincy characters out there no one can top Ishida in being one. Every time Quincy was mentioned, Ishida has the be the first in mind. That title/race is his. And his alone.

Without this adorable Quincy there would be no archer, friend and classmate like Uryu Ishida. The guy even has talent in sewing stuff. He used it as proof when Ririn said that one of them is a fake (somewhere before the Bount Arc).

22. Perverted Kon the Mod Soul

This little guy here has his own adventures. He's a poor stuffed lion suffering in the hands of Yuzu at times but there's also a violent Ichigo often beating the cotton out of him and there's also Jinta. Well the Karakura Rangers know how to beat him while "caring" for him.

Kon just suddenly pops out of nowhere while Ichigo or other characters are serious, causing them to beat him, throw him, however they want to express their anger. Renji even took the pill out of his mouth, like studying him. But most of the time Kon enjoys hanging out with women. Especially the likes of Inoue and Rangiku. Although seeing his Nee-san is already like heaven for him.

21. Rukia's Repertoire in School

Now I have to say, Rukia's hilarious side when in the human world is when she tries to blend in. The same goes with the rest of the Shinigamis who are trying to blend in. Rukia is proudly bragging how she was able to learn a whole new way of speaking overnight on the first few episodes of Bleach. And that's just freaking annoying for Ichigo but freaking funny for us. She is also really good in keeping up her act that she can manage to change personality immediately, as long as she's talking to a human classmate, the act is on.

There is also a time that she's very troubled with how to drink because she doesn't know how a straw works. The juice pack is troublesome, eh? But when it was Renji's turn to visit the human world, Rukia is able to brag how she's discovered how something like that works. Renji doesn't even know what coffee tastes like. There are many scenes like this that can make you smile.

20. The Hunt for Kukaku Shiba's Home

This just happened twice or thrice but it's really gotten my attention. Yoruichi is involved so how can this get boring?

They'd always mention about Koukaku's taste in her house and where she places it. And they'd talk about other stuff on the way.

19. Shiba Siblings

Of course if there's Koukaku's house, also the people who live there are awesome. Ganju and Ichigo never misses a "reunion" and Koukaku never misses to beat them after their reunion. What else is there to ask for?

18. Rukia's Addiction to Chappy

Come on, this never misses out. Rukia's addiction to any Chappy merchandise is cute and Rukia's girly-childish side comes out very easily.

The involvement of Chappy merchandise sells! Even the Chappy mod soul is awesome. But boy Ichigo was glad he got Kon instead.

17. Byakuya's Own Obsession

Rukia is not the only one with the addiction here. Even her Nii-sama likes something. I'm not sure if this is canon though but come on! The serious, cool and noble Byakuya having his own soft side is hilariously awesome!

And PS, that's the only sweet that Yachiru rejected to eat xD

16. Espada

Without these guys, the awesomeness stops. Well just concerning the whole battle with them and all that stuff. Their involvement is self explanatory.

15. Little Neliel

When I first saw Nel, it was like 'oh wow she's an adorable kid' and she is. The way she talks and the way she and her friends introduced themselves was hilarious enough.

I never knew she'd grow up though and wow is she beautiful. Although the child-like personality is still there, she's still awesome. Imagine my surprise when I found out she's an Espada though.

14. Shinigami's Golden Cup

The omake at the end are just all awesome. Funny sides of all characters involved. Man I really need that.

13. Shinigami Women's Association

Of course if we're talking about omake here we should talk about the Shinigami Women's Association. Quite the comedy these women does. I have finished Bleach many years ago (and I don't quite remember every detail) but so far I enjoyed the part where they need money and they decided to take pictures of people. Like Byakuya, Ukitake, Yoruichi and many more. Soi Fon obviously will aim for Yoruichi xD

Never miss an omake about them.

12. Seeing Byakuya-sama's fun side

He's always serious. But that's what makes him Byakuya. He's smart, handsome and disciplined and probably a heartthrob.

The Shinigami Women's Association just loves to party at his house. And Yachiru is not afraid to mess with him.

11. Having a Bankai

Other awesome things here is their Shikai, Zanpakuto, Kido, Shunpo and of course they're Bankai.

10. Kurosaki Family

Ichigo's family is just truly awesome. A funny and idiotic father, a scary-eyed son, a crybaby and yet an excellent cook twin of an athletic and aggressive little one. They're just awesome and I hoped to actually see more of them.

9. Visored

This hilarious group of victims of the Hollowfication experiment in the past is just awesome. Come on! An awesome leader like Shinji and an easily angered Hiyori with other awesome members are awesome! I say awesome too much.

I like this group. They're fun and in sync. And despite their differences they're like a family of some sort.

8. Awesome Duo with no sense of direction

I have to admit these two got my attention every time they show on screen, lost or getting far away from their targeted location.

Kenpachi's got the energy and is all hyped up about meeting and fighting Ichigo but gets lost many times. They find dead ends most of the time and Inoue witnessed this when Kenpachi gave her a piggyback ride when looking for Ichigo.

In an episode, the Sealed Sword something, Soi Fon and the others mentioned him and saying about his 'terrible sense of direction' or something like that, later Kenpachi will show up getting lost in the human world and Yachiru pointing to follow a train xD

7. Matsumoto, the Paperwork

You can't possible think I'd miss this out right? It's so adorable! Captain Hitsugaya and his Fuku-taicho Matsumoto are also an awesome duo.

6. Gotei 13

Everyone in Gotei 13 is awesome and it will take longer if I am discuss them all. So I'm just gonna mention them.

5. Aizen-sama

He's the kind of villain that you want to see on-screen. There's no way to resist this evil genius.

4. Ichigo's Hollow Side

Of course you can't watch an anime when the main character isn't cool. Well, as far as it goes, the main character excels so not bad.

3. Rangiku Matsumoto

This lovely Shinigami never misses to be the comical relief in the anime. She shows up and all jokes are cracking. Yeah she can be serious too but seriously, most of the time she's not.

All she does is shopping in the real world. Her valleys in her chest are main attraction to men. Kon and Keigo for example. She loves to mess around for some reason, never does paperwork, it's a miracle if ever she does so and many more.

2. Little Yachiru

An episode with Yachiru should not be missed! She never shows up without Kenpachi though. She must be the only one who doesn't fear anyone. She gives nicknames to Maki-Maki, Baldy, Pencil and to many others. She steals Byakuya's fish and takes it over to Ukitake's house, she made tunnels in Byakuya's house, she doesn't fear when messing with other captains and always hangs around Kenpachi's back.

Everything about this little Shinigami is adorable!

And lastly...

1. Yoruichi Shihoin

Yoruichi is twice as awesome as Yachiru is. So probably you can say she's my favorite. She's smart and excellent in combat. There's nothing else to describe when she's all-out a badass character.

She trained other famous characters too. Like Soi Fon, Byakuya, Ichigo and Kisuke. The Mother of Awesomenes!

She has a big appetite, she can turn into a black cat, she's not ashamed to get naked or whatsoever.

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