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Traveling Animeland in 7 Days


So how did I travel Animeland in seven days?

Well... it all started when Rachel and I snuck in the Flying Pussyfoot to travel to Chicago.

Rachel left me for a moment to gather some information. Yeah she sells information and I'm a new recruit. But as she left me, I found myself bored and I left my seat. There I met the most hyped up couple I've ever seen. Miria and Isaac. I joined them, Jacuzzi and Nice at the snack bar. I didn't know how long we've been hanging out but there was this explosion and we parted ways. I met Ladd Russo on my way to my room and he winked at me as he and his men passed by. He looks kind of scary so I didn't bother to follow him.

Why Baccano?

Why was I recruited again? Ah yeah, I applied. I like how exciting it is to be here. With many different people with no connection suddenly connects. The many different characters who have great personalities and roles. I want to explore more about them and even meet them.

And how did my day end again?

Oh right. After my meet with Ladd Russo, I felt that I was walking around in circles until I bumped into Chane Laforet who guided me out of trouble. The train was in chaos, I don't know why but I know something was up. I went at the end of the train and saw how explosions occurred. I was afraid I'd be caught by the explosion so I jumped off the train. Thus, ending my first day.


So what happened after your fall?

Well, when I woke up I was at shore and there was a woman sitting beside me. She had a sad and rather gloomy look on her face. When I tried to sit up, the coat that was over me fell to my lap. That's when the woman took it and started to walk away. I followed her of course, I didn't know where I was or what I'd do. When I asked her where I was, I was surprised to hear I was in Shanghai! I asked her if she could help me get home but she declined. It was when I noticed that she's missing an arm!

I panicked of course, I tried to treat her but she won't let me. I kept bugging her until she agreed to help take me home in exchange that I help her deal with someone.

So why Canaan?

Why did I spend my day in a place like this? It's filled with danger and holy crap I just made a deal with a deadly terrorist! Either way she didn't seem so bad. I like this place as I continue to spend time here. I met many people like Canaan, Maria, Mino and wow, the taxi driver! There's a lot of mystery in his place and it's remained a mystery even after I left.

So how did I end my day?

I met up with Canaan just as Alphard instructed me. Maria and Mino was with her. It was already a ruckus with just the three of them, but add Yunyun in the group? It's become a party! I don't know but I enjoyed my time with them. Taking pictures, hearing their side of the story. But Alphard arrived and she and Canaan started to fight. It was cool to see them fight Live! but after that I remember we had a couple of drinks and I got drunk!

The next day, Alphard escorted me to a plane to Chicago. A special plane she set up for me.


Did you reach home afterwards?

Well I've got terrible experiences but this is the worse! The plane just went off course and the next thing I know we crashed! I found myself in Roanapur after that. A bunch of people picked me up from the sea. What a great day for me!

They weren't that much welcoming but they drove their boat back to shore and asked what happened to me. Of course I explained everything and they barely believed me. Who would? Minutes ago I was in a train in Chicago then I found myself in Shanghai and now Roanapur?! Who am I kidding?! Rock seems to be the nicest of them though. Revy's got a foul mouth but she and Rock offered to give me a tour around the place since it's not exactly a tourist spot.

Why choose Roanapur?

Experience being a VIP once in a while. Hanging out with someone like Revy sure is a rare opportunity. She's badass but at the same time not someone you could enjoy spending your time with if you're not as tough as Rock. I like them. They showed me how they work, where they live, even introduced me to their contacts. Lots of things I learned from their harsh life in poverty.

What happened afterwards? Were you able to find a way home?

Well.. I spent the whole day being toured around. Met Eda, Roberta... Balalaika even! She's one heck of a chick! Other than that I got myself in the middle of a crossfire and Revy pushed me towards the docks so I wouldn't get shot. Of all my nights as of recently, I never get a chance to enjoy myself!!!


Did you die in the crossfire?

Oh for the love of--! No of course I didn't die!.. I'd love to believe that if I didn't wake up in a place they call Soul Society. Maybe I DID die! I panicked of course but the orange haired boy wearing a haori hits my head with his hand. He smacked me! How dare he! But he told me I wasn't dead. I was glad but why am I in SOUL Society if I wasn't dead?! He explained that for some unknown reason I went through the Senkaimon along with Rukia Kuchiki. Another ungrateful day for me.

Why Soul Society?

Exploring this complicated world full of rules xD. Seriously, this place is all about rules. Let's not break 'em cause a punishment awaits us! But other than that, every character-- Shinigami-- there are all unique, amazing and hilariously awesome! Who wouldn't want to see where Yoruichi grew up? Be inside Byakuya's home or even get a piggyback ride on Kenpachi's back! Lots of things to do here, I'm sure I won't get bored.

Did you achieve these goals you want to achieve?

Well.. you could say that. Right after I was welcomed there, I explained everything to them. Partially they believed but they keep saying I don't have a reiatsu so how was it possible? Whatever. I was able to convince Yachiru to persuade Kenpachi to give me a piggyback ride and got lost repeatedly in SS. I was able to see Nanao and Shinsui arguing about the cherry blossoms being too much for background effects and I had fun playing chase with Yoruichi, Soi Fon and Kisuke. Although when I'm 'it' I can't tag anyone! When I was exhausted, Rukia shared her room with me and Byakuya didn't mind. We had a long talk until I fell asleep.


So you got home now?

I was escorted to Senkaimon and BAM! Now here I am in Meteor City! Well at last! I had a good travel and a good place to sleep in last night.

Why Meteor City?

Most of Phatom Troupe's hometown, hello!!! I love this troupe ans I'd be honored to see where they grew up in. Probably even hang out with these dangerous hunters xD. I got a death wish.

Did you enjoy your time in Meteor City?

Most certainly I did! Every member was there! They were having a short competition with Gon and his friends. Boy was Killua awesomely cool when he went all Godspeed on them. And Hisoka! He was such a meanie clown! Feitan got me laughing because I mistook him as Levi Ackerman, he almost cut my head off if it wasn't for Machi and Paku stopping him from doing so. I had fun over all that day. They didn't ask where I was from or how I got there. But they told me to be gone by tomorrow or they'll kill me. I promised to leave by then xD.


How'd you get there?

Right after I left Meteor City, Gon and Killua gave me some kind of card that teleported me to where I want to go. Unfortunately for me I was thinking about the little metantei I saw on TV a week ago. Shwoosh! I'm now on Beika District and I got hit by a friggin' truck! Immediately brought to the hospital, I still had consciousness. It wasn't that strong so I was still alive. It stopped right on time but the impact was there.

Why Beika District?

Lots of cool and intelligent people here! Plus it's vulnerable to crimes since little metantei Conan Edogawa is as they call, a Death Magnet xD. There's KID, Shuichi, Haibara and man I could even mess around with the FBI and CIA! I'll see how they work, first class!

Hmm.. I take it you didn't enjoy your time there?

That accident was the beginning. I met Conan and the Detective Boys who volunteered to help find the driver who hit me. To entertain me while Conan was solving, they brought in guests like KID who performed magic tricks and man, stole some of my stuff! Then there's Subaru who brought me curry, Amuro who served me coffee, Vermouth who threatened to kill me if Conan continues to pursuit the driver (which is one of them xD). I told Conan it's alright ans I spent the day with him and the DB at Agasa's house, playing video games. They even let me stay for the night.


What did you do now?

I was in Japan and if there's one thing I want to do that's to go home already! It was then that I received a mail. Conan gave it to me and I immediately went there. Hope Peak's Academy.

Why Hope Peak's Academy?

Who wouldn't want to try and experience the despair? No one but Enoshima xD. But seriously being inside this animated world inspired by the game is going to be awesome! Probably hug Monokuma otw and give Togami a handshake and meet Genocider Syo! I don't know. Lots of stuff.

What did you do there the whole day?

After arriving, I was introduced as the Ultimate Loser. They teases me with Naegi who was Ultimate Lucky. I'm not really a loser! But I enjoyed my time learning tech stuff with Chihiro, gambling with Celes, taught martial arts by Sakura, competed in swimming with Hina (but I almost drowned xD). I even forced Fukawa to sneeze or faint so I'd meet Genocider Syo! When Monokuma showed up, I gathered guts to run and hug him. I thought I'd be filled with holes because of spears but nothing happened. Enoshima went out of hiding and told me to stop hugging the darned bear! Then they wondered where I came from.. since I'm the 17th student and it's only supposedly 16 xD. I explained my situation and they renamed me Ultimate Traveler before sending me off in despair.

They killed you?

Nah.. Enoshima kicked me out of the school and told me I should enroll another time. It was my despair to miss the fun!

Some travel you got. Is that all?

Yeah I had fun. It was a long week and it's been awesome. I got hired along with Rachel afterwards. We gather info and sell them.

Thanks for reading guys!

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