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Black OPS

This was an entry for the If They Were Real challenge.

Black Ops: Operation ITWR

I think it's obvious what IAWR means. Anyway, here I decided that the anime characters I choose will be a part of this operation. Let's say that a serious worldwide problem had emerged and the union chose elite soldiers to stop the problem.

Shikamaru Nara- Team Leader and Tactician


This lazy genius is the team leader, yes. The soviet entrusts our lives in his hands. But that's not entirely the reason why he's chosen.

Shikamaru may be lazy most of the time and he's not a battle freak but he knows combat. The thing that makes up for those is his awesomely genuine mind. He can come up with tactics after studying the enemy for a bit. And that's dangerous for the bad guys! Once he got you figured out, you might as well forfeit or you can still choose to be defeated by him. Also, he knows when he loses. He knows his limits. A humble leader that has full understanding of his own strengths and weaknesses. Exactly what a leader should pose to his members.

Annie Leonhardt- Spy

(Attack on Titan)

Annie is the kind of soldier that knows how a soldier is when upholding duties despite the pressure and the hardship. She also doesn't talk much, so don't expect to squeeze any information out of her.

The perfect spy! No one would even know she's suspicious. She can keep her existence in a low profile and gathers information rather quickly. She's swift when she kills and a nimble in her moves. Other than being the perfect spy, she can also fight. A combatant with a unique fighting pattern. There isn't much that Annie brags about but surely her fighting style is one of the things she's proud of.

The group also has nothing to worry of in case Annie is captured. She's smart and no word comes out of her mouth. Even if they torture her, she'd spout lies.

Tatsumi- Commando

(Akame Ga Kill!)

Tatsumi has his own sense of purpose. He was chosen because of his great resolve in fighting... for justice. Well, this guy had a shock when he found out about the corrupted leaders causing the worldwide problem they'll deal with, sparking his resolve that caught the Soviet's attention.

Like the other soldiers, he's skilled in combat and his swordsmanship skills improve as he trains. He can lead a team as well. When their team is seldom divided into groups, Shikamaru would assign him leader. He's reliable to lead the frontlines and to fend off enemies without fear to lose his own life.

Asada 'Sinon' Shino - Sniper

(Sword Art Online)

Shino has a traumatic experience with guns that even a finger-gun could scare her. Then why would the Soviet add her with the other elites? Eventually, she overcame this fear and is now one of the well-known marksman... or well, woman.

Her accuracy is superb and she is also able to come up with a short tactical plan when in battle. She can aim well even if the range is quite far so that's a plus. It's an advantage of course to be a long-distance support but what if she's faced with a close range enemy? No fear. She won't be chosen if her talent is limited with a title and her long range aiming. She's quick on her feet, easily finds a safe distance or a good angle to aim. She can also ise handguns which she can use when facing nearby enemies.

Ichigo Kurusaki- Saboteur


Who is this guy? Well Mr. Kurosaki over here is a saboteur, his job is to do the assault along with his partner. He can work solo of course and he's got monstrous strength, not literally, but when he fights, there's this part of him that enjoys when he kills.

He can slaughter a whole team by himself and is often sent to assault a building right after Annie had infiltrated it, to clean up the mess that Annie left or to eliminate certain targets. He has a soft side but most of the time it's the wicked side that he shows to others.

Why choose someone like him? Other than his killing spree talent, among the group, he can drive the group to fight. With his resolve and intent to kill without hesitation, the other members will be convinced and pushed to have the same confidence as him in battle. Tatsumi's sense of justice brings balance if ever the whole group is about to go on a rampage.

Ikusaba Mukuro- Close Quarter


This young lady is known as the Ultimate Soldier from where she graduated. And now she's really a soldier. An awesome one at that.

Like the others, her skills in both combat and the use of weaponry are most impressive. Guns and blades are both her forte. She's cold and she can get the job done if you tell her to do so. She's also Ichigo's partner when they are sent to either eliminate a target or clean up a mess in certain locations. The two doesn't get along at times but when it's about their beloved sisters that they both care about, they are totally in sync.

Shiba Tatsuya- Combat Engineer

(Irregular High School Magic)

This guy here is a scientific genius. He can invent, create and modify whatever device, machine or technology he touches. Not magic! He of course needs to take a look at it then right after that, he can do what he needs to do with it.

He serves as the weapons modifier for the team, he checks if it's still functional and he sets up bombs when they prepare for an ambush or when they plan to destroy a certain camp or location. He's smart in his own way but he's only entrusted to care for their weapons. He's also in charge of their base. He relocates and protects it if ever.

So yeah this group of super ultimate people are gathered to save the world!


And that concludes my entry, don't worry about your fate, this team got you covered!

Thanks for reading!

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