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Anime Gakuen Throwback | #TwinWin Challenge

Thank you Imouto for sharing this with us.

I tried my best Onoya hahaha. In Touma's honor and your super return!

This is what I want to call The Impossible Twin.

The Disney princess is Ariel from Little Mermaid and her anime counterpart is Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki. Ahahaha! Crazy right? I'm crazy! Blame the dango art that drove me crazy!

⚫Different Worlds⚫

Ariel is a mermaid who fell in love with a human and he is a prince. They are separated by the two worlds they live in. Ariel's world is under the sea and the prince (Eric) his world is out there walking under the sun.

Yuno Gasai is from the 2nd universe. She won the battle between holders with her Yuuki and when they supposedly die together, she's actually still alive and in the end she traveled to the third world to play again with her Yuuki.

⚫Stalker Mode ⚫

Ariel has a very huge crush on prince Eric and she watched him when he was in his boat celebrating for something that night. So she's watching over Eric and Eric has no clue.

Yuno Gasai is the number one stalker slash yandere we all know. She is stalking her dream guy Yukiteru and because of that hobby she gained the diary Yukiteru Diary. Yukiteru also has no clue he was being stalked.

⚫Saving their Beloved⚫

When there was an incident when eric's boat was on fire and he was unconscious when he fell on the water. Ariel saved him and placed him on the shore. She watched over him until he woke up and she left afterwards.

On Yuno's case, she saved Yukiteru when he was being targeted by another diary holder who attempts to kill him. And unlike Ariel, she stayed by Yukiteru's side and Yukiteru is aware who saved him.

⚫Anything for my Love⚫

Ariel has a friend fish, Flounder who told her about the prince's statue fell on her secret lair of human stuff collections. But later it was destroyed by her father and she cries and she rebels to the point that she went to the antagonist Ursula and she gave up her tail and her voice for her to have legs and live at shore with her prince.

Yuno is willing to give her everything to Yukiteru too. She tells Yukiteru that it's okay for him to use her for him to live and win the game. She is also willing to give up her life for him. She protected Yukiteru all the time. And when they were at Sixth's territory, she was sick and she gave her diary to him and pushed him to escape while she was left.

These two are willing to sacrifice so much for their beloved.

⚫Happy End⚫

After the fight and the climax. Ariel who was saved by the prince, she had her tail back and she was looking at him from afar. Ariel's father saw his daughter and eric who didn't seem to change his friendly treatment towards Ariel after knowing her true form. He gave Ariel feet and she and eric hugged and lived happily ever after.

Their love showed that even if they are two different species, one human and one mermaid, they are not bound to love.

While on Yuno and Yukiteru's side. After the biggest twist that Yuno was from the second world and Yukiteru from the third world. They were separated and Yuno doesn't remember Yukiteru and Yukiteru is alone in his world. But with the power of love, Yuno finally fought her way to reunite with Yukiteru.

Their love showed that even if they are from two separate worlds, nothing separates them. They cannot be separated with that. They still found a way to be with each other.

⚫Thanks for Reading⚫

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