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Favorite Fairy Tail Moments I'll Never Forget

Favorite Fairy Tail Moments I'll Never Forget

There is always this favorite moment in anime that we will never forget and that moment will always remind us about that anime. We'll go all "hey I know that, it's from this anime'" or "this scene reminds me so much of this anime". Something like that.

Memorable moments help dig a firm foundation for the anime. That no matter how long time passes, it's a classic and legendary anime that one will remember. So if you remember a scene where a teacher uses a technique on his student that pokes his butt or a scene where a boy meets a girl gathering seven powerful balls that grants wishes (come on you can tell what anime these examples are), it's the same with what I'm about to say here.

Now I'll mention a couple of my favorite moments in Fairy Tail, ones that I really love, ones that gave me feels, ones that made me smile and ones that I enjoy a lot.

Let's do a countdown of 15!

Number 15: Gray's Stripping History

So I'll just share that I find Gray's background interesting, funny but at the same time a tragedy. When he first showed up I was wondering why the heck is this guy stripping, like literally his clothes are jumping out from him like it was natural or something. Then later I saw the flashback happen and it wasn't really supposed to be a habit xD. Gray's mentor, Ur, and his fellow pupil, Lyon, strips too when they were training but it just so happens that in Gray's case, it became a habit for him.

Okay so it's not everyday we see an anime character strip almost in every screen-time he had on the show. I'm not sure I can name anyone who can strip expertly other than him and his pal Lyon.

Just by this it's already memorable to us that when someone says, "who's that guy who strips so suddenly?" and we'll go "that's the guy from fairy tail!" and "oh yeah his name was Gray!". Something like that.

His past was sad and it makes me miss Ur a lot so I won't talk about it.

Number 14: Edolas Version of Everybody

Okay so it's not one of my favorite arcs ever but it's one of the arcs that I enjoyed watching. At first I didn't like how everyone has a "twin" as I call it, getting confused at first. Later I discovered it was some sort of counterpart where from earthland they have counterparts in Edolas. And when Natsu and the others first saw Fairy Tail Edolas, I started to enjoy.

There we saw everybody changed, maybe except Mirajane who was still the same nice-y-nice woman she was (or maybe because in earthland she was originally scary), I still have no explanation why but other than Mira we'll see Levy is still the geek around, Wendy gave justice to her chest and height (poor Levy wasn't given justice with her height lol), Cana who had a 360 degree transformation (just as the gif showed you).

There are others who transformed so differently. Like how Lucy had a Scary Lucy counterpart. I think Happy and Natsu calls her "Kowai Lucy". So there's also Natsu. Like dude, he first showed up cool and all with his car and stuff then when he exited the car, turns out he wasn't as cool as we thought he was. And then there's Erza. Still the strongest yet still scary like the Erza we knew!

Don't get me started with Gajeel. I laughed hard when I saw him xD.

Number 13: Erza's 100 Requipping Costume

So we all know that Erza has like over a hundred costumes or armor to use in all occasions. I don't remember the names or what they're called but I know they have different uses according to where she finds the armor fit to use in a certain situation. Like an armor with the blades, or an armor that's like a super shield or something then an armor with electricity then there's also a bunny costume, a swimsuit attire, probably her whole wardrobe is made up of her requipping ability.

The idea is so unique and easy to remember but I salute and give my respects to the author who had the imagination to concoct such ideas for armor designs. Like dude, Erza introduces and/or uses one armor after another in arcs and battles and we'll easily recognize it if there's something new.

Where are all these design ideas coming from? I'm one who is having a hard time creating and designing my characters while the mangaka who designed Erza's stuff has over a hundred designs. *salutes* Respect.

My favorite armor would be the the one with two swords where she's literally wearing nothing but a bandage thingy covering her chest.

Number 12: Adorable Dragon Slayer

What I like about this is the part where the Dragon Slayers are not limited to only guys and that Wendy's character had developed. In some series like Dragon Ball, we'll see (hmm what was the name again, I think...) the Z Team has characters from Goku and Vegeta to Piccolo to Gohan to Trunks and Goten, etc. Basically they're filled with male characters. (I think A18 is there too but let's see the part where it's more emphasized to have the guys in the team).

Here in FT, the first Dragon Slayer we've seen is Natsu then later met Gajeel and they tag-teamed to beat Laxus then skipping to the part where they later met Wendy. Now at first glance Wendy was weak, she cries a lot and basically a weak character who we're not sure we'd call a Dragon Slayer. Things changed as the series go by.

I like the part where in Edolas arc, the three Dragon Slayers worked together to fight against Makarov's counterpart. Wendy was both in support and offense although mostly Natsu and Gajeel are doing the offensive but the teamwork and equal development to these three characters is what I like the most. Okay not literally "equal", I mean, they all got their improvements. Wendy was able to do more than she could do before (I actually thought she'd be just a healer of some sort but I'm glad I was wrong).

Yeah yeah we have strong female characters already like Erza and Mirajane but it's different when there's a category defining them. In this case, the Dragon Slayers.

Number 11: Ultear's 360 Transformation

One of the things I'd like to take note is Ultear's character. So we first met this gal and she had this seductive outfit and "villain art outline" that speaks to us "hey I'm a villain" that kind of art. Although I think the first arc is the Galuna arc where she battled with Natsu for the first time and we later see glimpses of her with Jellal or Siegrane.

Okay so on her debut she was a bad guy. Don't get me wrong, I literally disliked her. She's tainting Ur's reputation (yeah I'm defensive it's one of my favorite characters) and I have no idea how the heck did she turn out that way when she has such a nice and amazing mother. Which is why when I watched an episode that said she "died" then later we see Ultear and mentions about her mother, it got me thinking... Did she fake her death and ran away? Or did they fight or what?

Skipping to the part where Gray and Ultear had the confrontation regarding their past and stuff. I had a guess they'd fight since they're both related to Ur in some way. Anyhoo, the battle leads to them both falling off the cliff and into the ocean where Ultear was able to see memories of her mother and how she wasn't really abandoned by her mother and was instead tricked into thinking she died and other sad stuff that she just cried and Gray won.

That battle became the turning point for Ultear to change from the evil seductive scary woman to a nice motherly ally that we now know.

I don't know how to describe it but I like her development and she became one of my favorites afterwards.


Okay this may be just a special-mention. We are all aware of how Gray has the habit of taking his clothes off for some reason and that he has a fellow pupil who grew accustomed to taking his clothes off as well, but not as daily as Gray's.

It's worth mentioning because I don't think I can name another anime who has such special moments like "Sync Stripping" although it's mostly just seen in memes, but seriously guys, you have to recognize the gift!

Okay... Not a total perv here so moving on.

Number 9: Fairy Tail Hand Gesture

Okay the first time I saw this is... I think in the Phantom Lord arc. The part where Fairy Tail was doing a hand sign or gesture that I had no idea what for. Reminds me of Hunger Games xD but I can say that the sign was sacred or special to them.

When we received flashback of Laxus' past when he was young, and you can bet that he and Makarov are close that time. It was about the upcoming festival of some sort (my memory is hazy) and Laxus wanted to be seen and recognized by his grandpa so he invented a sign to use, it was when the sign was born.

Years passed and that little gesture became so special that it gave me feels when Laxus left-- or well expelled from the guild because of his stupidity. Like the guy who invented that gesture was kicked out! (It was his fault in the first place).

I like it because it gave emphasis, if not then it paid attention or gave notice to how this little gesture was made. It's not just some random gesture that says "hey when we do this it means we're Fairy Tail". No. It means something else and it's special.

*So special that I use it every time I finish a blog.

I literally want to beg Makarov to take Laxus back but later I was glad Shanks was super awesome xD.

Anyway I'll cut this short since it got longer than expected. So I hope you enjoy and watch out for part 2, which I'll be posting in Luminous Fairies on Tuesday.

Stay cool fellow fans!

Thanks again ^^

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