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Why Haibara Matches with Conan

"This is my first blog and I thought that I'd bring this up." is what I said when I wrote my first blog–this– in an anime community.

Of all detectives or geniuses in the anime, Detective Conan, Haibara Ai/ Shiho Miyano is the closest to beat our Metantei (great detective) Kudo Shinichi/ Conan Edogawa.

Just a brief summary of the series:

Kudo Shinichi is a high school detective. He's on a date with his childhood friend when a murder case occurred. He solved the case but finds the men in black from the scene to be very suspicious. He follows them and ends up being a victim of the poison Apotoxin-4869. It was supposedly going to kill him but since the poison wasn't perfected, Kudo shrunk back ten years and tadah! He's a kid!

Since the organization behind his transformation thought he was dead, Kudo pretended to be Conan Edogawa and helps his girlfriend's father solve mysteries. Let's just say he hopes to miraculously meet up with the men in black again to get his teenager form back.

On the other side of the story, Shiho Miyano is a biochemist that was behind the creation of Apotoxin-4869. She works for the organization but rebelled against them when her sister was killed. She took the poison to supposedly kill herself but ends up "de-aging" as well.

Now we get to the part where she and Conan meets. Let's skip it though. After their first encounter and skipping to when Haibara is staying at Professor Hiroshi Agasa's place (he's a friend of Kudo and he's behind the creation of Kudo's gadgets). Conan and Haibara, being both shrunken geniuses, they understand each other very well. The kids they hang out with would notice their frequent whisperings to each other that only they understand. They would exchange playful banters and josh each other at times.

Okay summary over, let's go with their intelligence!

The thing about Kudo is that he feels 'turned on' when a case occurs, later earning the title 'death-magnet'. But only those who knew his secret calls him that. Because wherever Conan goes there would always be a case. Whether it's murder or not, it's a case. Conan doesn't give up when thinking and solving. He'd search for clues everywhere, he has sharp senses. His eyes notices small details as soon as he arrived the murder scene/ or the place where the case occurred. He's also sharp when listening to people's conversation, being very observant to gather enough evidence for his suspect.

The thing about Haibara is that, she would watch Conan do his work, knowing his passion about it. She doesn't help but as very keen herself. When she'll notice certain objects or hints that could help Conan solve the mystery, she would tell him her own findings and let him work the rest.

In this point, I think if Haibara has at least a bit interest, then maybe she won't be as different as Hattori Heiji, Hakuba, Kogoro Mouri and the other geniuses in the anime that has passion for mysteries.

Next point. Other than being able to understand each other and their playful banters, the two would work together at times. Especially if they're against the organization.

Haibara would give Conan details he needs to know regarding her knowledge on the organization and her other findings. Conan would protect her and again would do the work and solve for the mystery himself. Although when it's regarding the organization, Haibara loses her cool.

That's probably one area that she can't beat Conan... yet. She just feels the shivers when she senses that the members of the organization is around and Conan will have to do what he needs to and keep her calm

Conan's weak spot is when he feels that the organization has the upperhand against him. Other than that when he feels that something bad happened to people that is important to him. So basically they have the same weakness... sort of.

The look that Conan gives when he's figured it out. Now Haibara, who have mastered the understanding of Conan's facial expression, knows when Conan knows it, when he's afraid or when he's still thinking. Conan has the same level of understanding with Haibara.

*Although Hattori (Conan's Osakan friend) also understands Conan.

Okay, I think I swayed too far from thetopic. The well-knowned point about Haibara's chance to match with Conan is that she and Agasa made a code to lead Conan and the other kids to some sort of 'treasure'. And Agasa credited the little twist in the code to Haibara.

The thing I noticed about Haibara is that she's very amused when teasing Conan.

Conan was really about to give up with the code, which he usually doesn't because it's his passion, but thanks to the circumstance that happened along the way, he got a hint of how to solve the code. (Agasa and Haibara's hint weren't helping so...)

Now I know I'm a little rusty with DC but the two have some serious intellectual knowledge about a lot of things, they know how to shut each other speechless, deceive others and solve mysteries. Mostly Conan though. But still.. if Haibara would only give at least a care about these things.. maybe.. just maybe.. she's a good match for Conan's intelligence.

Man I hope I didn't waste your time. Thanks for reading!

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