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Jessi Tayylor

Unsleeping Writer

Author of Morning Light

About the author

Jessi loved reading since she was a child. Her parents read her children's bedtime stories every night, until she grew and explored the world of YA fiction. She struggled socializing and found writing as her constant companion until she finished college. A dozen story ideas occupied her daydreams until she decided to put them to writing. Notebooks became her favorite gift, filling them month after month, hopping from idea to another.

Choosing Morning Light among the pile of ideas, she began rewriting it on November 2021. Her writing journey came to a halt as she couldn't find what she lacked, what made her writing empty regardless of the 60k words achieved. Kickstarting to write again on February 2023, her journey was never the same. This time, she found what she was looking for.

Founding a community for writers and readers on December  2023, Jessi imparted to the community the things she's learned in the year she grinded and researched on novel writing.

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