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Pluot - character and story planner | APP (APK)

This is one of the many apps I've tried and used when organizing my stories.

There are many ways to organize our stories, depending on which section we want to focus on and how we want the story elements to be laid out. I personally started out using pen and paper before I used Spreadsheet and Word. I tried different apps to see how well it'd help me in my writing process.

Pluot is one of my favorites that I've been using far longer than the others I've installed. Let's see why.

What I love about the app:

  • Minimalist / simple design (easy to use)

  • Offline features (accessible anywhere!)

  • Sync option (but features doesn't necessarily require Wi-Fi)

  • No Ads (Oh thank goodness)

  • Easily swap between projects / Plot multiple projects (just be careful not to delete the files on your local storage, unless you have it synced)

Each project can be customized with a list of useful ideas to fill them up with. Let me start with the five basic categories we have per project.

Scene, Characters, Locations, Storylines and Custom Items.

I've seen apps with complicated lists to fill up (ex. What's his goal? Why?)

My personal preference of a character organizer is to only list down basic information, such as Full Name, Nickname, Age, Strength, Skills, etc. So the default list to fill-up here are super helpful.

I also love that they included the option to add a space to introduce the character. So, I added their dialogue to quote them to spice up their introduction. They have other helpful things like Favorites and a breakdown of other information like Skills, Education, etc.

Not sure on the limits, because I haven't hit any restrictions by far on creating projects or characters. I've done 6 projects (deleted the other 2 because I wanted to scrap the story into something else) and 26 character (in one project only). Safe to say, we have enough to go bananas in our outlining.

Just like other apps I've tried, Pluot has the feature to combine elements as we plot our outline.

I prepared locations, a cast and the incident. Now I have them all in one place for easy referencing if I needed to go back to the scene and refresh myself with what happened (just to be sure that I'm consistent).

Most helpful for me because I'm working on a story that leaves behind bread crumbs to foreshadow upcoming scenes and it's going to be really bad if the crumbs and foreshadowing are inconsistent.

Even the Locations are customizable, with option to add photos and description.

They also have the "Custom Items" option to fill-in for things that Scene, Characters and Locations does not cover. We could use it as our own library for Magic Spells or Species or Lore. In this case though, I used it to list down he gadgets used for my story.

It doesn't take that much space, give it a try and see if this suits your needs!

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