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Official Floppi Pages app is coming!

This is exactly as you've read it. There will be an official Floppi Pages application to be uploaded in Google Playstore coming pretty soon. You will be able to read exclusive and original stories that is only available in our app, written by yours truly.

As a little spoiler to everyone who stuck around and read our blogs in this website, here is a little sneak peek of what we have in store for you.

The app is made simply for easy-use to our users young or old, techy or old school.

Terms of Service easily accessible for the very rare readers who wants to skim through it. Customer Support and Feedback for any problems or issues you may encounter with the app and your concerns will be sent directly to my designated email. I would also love to hear your feedback.

We have the Author's Note where you can read more about me, who I am and all that drama that author's write supposedly at the beginning of our books. And lastly, the Update Log is where you will be able to read updates of what new things we've done with the app or new chapter posts.

This has been the most difficult to accomplish while in developing stages. To give you a good reading experience with light and dark view mode. You also have clickable table of contents to make things easier when you want to travel to a certain point in the story.

One of the best things about this is that you can read without worrying about ads popping here and there or buying coins to read the next chapter. Everything is for free~!

You might have the option of course to donate using our available donate button in our official website (here, just look to your right if you are using PC and scroll at the bottom - footer - if you are using mobile). It would be much appreciated to further improve the app.

And lastly, what will be the available books to read in the app's release?

There will be 4 available books in ongoing stages.

  • The Infection (Book 1)

  • Monolith of Time

  • Seven Guardians (Original Cut)

  • Control

Each of them consists of available chapters to read as a starter to our beta testers and for our first set of readers who downloads our app.

New chapter updates can come every week! Updates are not limited to 1 chapter 1 week, it could be a set of 2-4 chapters for a nice binge read experience throughout the week.

One thing you need to take note of is that the app is composed entirely of offline features. You don't have to create accounts or have a comment section available to express your thoughts. Instead, we have an official subreddit community where you can post your thoughts, create a discussion with other readers, post your ships and theories, and many more!

*Note: It is a private community at the moment. But soon will be open to the public.

Who are the developers?

There are two people behind the development of the app. Simone Sesana and yours truly, me. Mostly my friend Simone did the coding while I provided the visual reference and main concept of the app. We are currently working on finalizing the app prior to uploading to PlayStore. They are a bit strict so it's delaying our official release >.<.

Stay tuned for future updates!

Until then... support our blogs by reading and sharing with your friends.

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